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Due South: Fic Recs

Alanna, Starfish and Kass:
Parental Guidance [Fraser/Kowalski]
There are so many reasons why I love this fic. Firstly, it's fun. It's got Fraser and Ray dating when they don't even realise it. It has a starring role for Ray's parents, who are brilliant at engineering a role for Fraser in their family when neither Fraser nor Ray realise his parents believe they're dating. It is also warm - Ray comes to terms with his own feelings after Fraser makes an offhand comment, and they're nervous and unsure, and it's really well done. My one gripe is that they jump from realisation to bed too darn quickly, but it's done so well it's really only a little problem. Such a feel-good story.

If it hadn't been for the mug of tea cooling on the side table and the relaxed and tingly feeling in Ray's groin -- not to mention the newspaper stuck to his ass -- it might have all been a dream. A sticky, minty dream. With giraffes. Lovely, angst-free, sweet-without-being-saccharine fic about Ray and Fraser's burgeoning relationship. Apart from the almost-sappy last line, this was just plain lovely.

Beth H:
Oh, sometimes this is just the kind of fic that I love to read. Ray accidentally forgets himself and kisses Fraser in public. Which leads to some interesting revelations for Ray and then for Ray and Fraser.

Short and sweet. Set post the series finale, Ray's contemplating coming home. Fraser asks him to stay.
Phone sex and first time sex, and Ray's 200 miles away and he keeps phoning Fraser. Nice.

Freaky Tuesday
Bodyswap. Really nicely characterised and Ray's experience in Fraser's body is really well done. And there's sex.

Kat Allison:
Death fic, of the best kind. This is the lieutenant going through Ray and Fraser's paperwork after their death, and realising that there was much more to their relationship than met the eye. Tugs at the heartstrings yet remains in character throughout, and is all the better for it.
Roots Rain
Introspective piece about Fraser. Nice, quiet, intellectual, painful.

An Incident Along a Poorly Guarded Border
I liked this. Stuck in the middle of a blizzard, hypothermia kicks in and Ray and Fraser have to make the decision whether to live or die.

lalejandra and serialkarma:
What Ray really wants to do, though, is to write all over Fraser. He wants to take a black felt-tip pen and scribble up the inside of his pale arms and in the hollows at the backs of his knees. He'd be tempted to draw wings over Fraser's shoulder blades but that would probably be a little obvious. Not to mention he can't really draw.
If I could say everything I wanted to say about this fic, it would be longer than the whole damn fic. This is... perfect. My not-so-secret kink involves writing on skin, and because of that this is perhaps one of the best, hottest things I've ever read. And it's only a PG. It's beautifully written, exquisite even, and I love it. [*]

Long and ever-so slightly too-complicated story about Vecchio dying only not-dying and being set-up and Kowalski missing Fraser, and Fraser having left him and Kowalski smoking too much and dying and not-dying. Lalejandra's writing is as sophisticated as ever and I think my slight confusion may possibly have stemmed from never seeing an episode of Due South post-actual-Vecchio. Or something.

Laura J. Valentine:
This piece has a really wonderful voice, and I reckon that with each re-read you'd pick up something different from it. It's from Ray's point of view, and I think it picks up something really quite special about him and his understanding of his relationship with Fraser, and Fraser himself. Really rather special.

(Insert Your Own Title Here)
Entertaining multimedia-type AU fic in which Fraser, Vecchio and Kowalski are all at school together.
A Reverse Country Song, in D Minor
Established relationship ficlet, which is actually a lot better than it sounds, considering I'm not a fan of established relationships all that much. Ray's pissed off and he misses working with Fraser on an everyday basis, even though he has Fraser every day at home. The argumenet between the two of them is great, really quite realistic since you don't get bickering and stress-related arguments in fic all that often.

Something's wrong with Fraser, but Ray has no idea its him.

Ray wakes up in the hospital and he can't remember anything. There are always plenty of amnesia fics in any fandom, and this is a good one. Ray can't read the look on Fraser's face. My only significant problem is that the ending sucks. It just stops. So much left unsaid.

Pearl O:
The Outline of a Circle
Nice piece about Fraser returning to Chicago for Vecchio and Stella's wedding, and resolving to do something about his own relationship with Ray. Too short, however, it stops just when it should have been getting started.

Reference [Fraser/Kowalski]
Guaranteed to make me smile, it's a fic entirely about libraries. Ray tells Fraser that he doesn't like them, and then explains why. Fraser does his best to change Ray's mind. There's always something good about a fic that makes you yearn to be there, right there, and anything to do with books is likely to do that for me.
Adorned [Fraser/Kowalski]
I love the mood in this fic - it's relatively gentle and slow, a shift from Ray being worried about Fraser never needing him or wanting him and Ray being scared for the future to something more subtle, more secure and safe and warm. Lovely.
American Way
The top quality writing that I've come to expect from Resonant. Ray and Fraser are stumbling across an anti-Canadian feeling amongst their suspects, and this can only mean one thing - Fraser has to stop being Canadian and start being American. Some funny, wry acknowledgements of Americanism and some incredibly hot sex means that this is well worth a read.
The Teeth of the Hydra and the short sequel Display
This is probably one of my favourite Due South stories. It combines two story arcs, Ray's relationship with Stella as a teenager and then as an adult, and parallels this with Ray's gradual epiphany about his own feelings and what this means for him and Fraser. It's a great story, not least because the relationships are very real, and because I actually cared about Ray and Stella as well as about Ray and Fraser. The search for a serial "ink rapist" was a fascinating storyline and the ending was spot-on.
Elongated pwp, but well written and with some lovely moments.

Rhi Marzano:
The Little Box
AU. Ray is a professional hockey player, and he comes across Fraser as he's coming to the end of his career. Nice and entertaining, for a fandom with not many AU pieces.

SA [sathinks]:
Out of Range
Ray has a bad day, the kind I seem to have a lot, and then right at the last minute it's saved. Pick-me-up fic, guaranteed to raise a smile and make you feel better.

Refraction [Fraser/Kowalski]
Ok, so it's very unlikely that I will ever be able to resist a fic which has my favourite characters justifiably and realistically (ok, that might be going a little far) wearing eyeliner. In this we have a baffled Fraser who has just returned back to Chicago to find Kowalski in leather trousers, a smattering of glitter and more than a sweep of eyeliner for the sake of a case, and we have Kowalski hitting on Fraser in a very guy-like fashion, over curry and naan bread and a bloody fantastic phone conversation with Kowalski's mother. But there's still eyeliner, so my life is now complete.

Sihaya Black:
Pas de Deux
One of the most enjoyable Due South fics I've ever read; it's an AU with Kowalski as a dance teacher and Fraser as his student. I love Ray in this; I love his changing relationship with Fraser and Diefenbaker and even Vecchio - it's a great fic.

With 6 You Get Eggroll [Fraser/Kowalski]
I used to have this rule, this rule where I never read kid!fics. I would never touch an mpreg, not even in crack!fic territory, and the idea of my favourite characters adopting mountains of children and turning into house husbands used to make me wince in pain. So when I say that this story stars Benton, RayK, Stella, RayV, Sarah, Holly, Sam, Andy, Eddie, and Robbie, I say it with great pain in my heart. Because I really like it. Its Fraser and Kowalski living up in the arctic circle with six adopted disfunctional kids, and it's great. Funny and well written and it works. Much though it pains me to say it.
Believe You Me [Fraser/Kowalski]
In the midst of my own personal job-related crisis, this fic filled a gap I didn't even realise was there. Kowalski, Fraser and a few others are in a bar when - all of a sudden - Fraser comes out with this fantastic, horrible speech about how this wasn't how he wanted to live his life. The whole dialogue style in this is just perfect - they both say no when they mean yes, they say things with their bodies and with their hands that they can't say with words, and I wish that I had this sort of culmination when I have bar-related soliliquies about my own lack of job satisfaction.
Passion [Fraser/Kowalski]
I have a secret thing (which perhaps, in the bastardised words of Doris Day, is no secret any more) for fics which have flashbacks to the characters much younger teenage selves, and their first forays into the experimentation stages of love and life. This is one of those fics that fills that gap with not space for anything else. It's Fraser's history, his childhood and his movements into adulthood - the ghosts of his past and the troubled relationships that take him right up into Chicago, when he sees Kowalski being stabbed. Fraser and Kowalski are brilliantly written, Fraser's history is heartbreakingly good and the relationship impeccable. The changing characterisation as their relationship becomes more established is perfect. A joy.
Enduring Distance
It's not often I read first person fics and genuinely enjoy them. And I've never read a Due South fic with a credible Fraser voice, either, so this fic was a really great find. It's long, with a storyline going on in the background, and the main story concentrates on the simple relationship between Ray, Fraser, Ray and Stella, and how it becomes more complicated. It's all tied up with the nature of what's home. A good way to spend an hour.
Broadway Hotel
Fraser turned a hollow-eyed face on him. "Ray," he said, and then he didn't say anything else, and a second later they were kissing, harsh open-mouthed kisses like if they pushed as hard as they could they'd be able to push right through the distance between them. Or like they knew they couldn't. Gorgeous piece where Ray wants to be normal, and he can only be normal if he isn't shacked up with Fraser. Some absolutely stunning lines, really effective description and one hell of a relationship for a relatively short piece.
Fraser's been receiving death threats, and Ray goes off the deep end. He doesn't, however, want to be a cliche.
The Bodyguard
Vaguely surreal piece in which Fraser's stuck acting as a bodyguard for a frisky ex-Russian Canadian ballerina, and Kowalski's along for the ride.
Hanged Man
Oh, I love it when they're fucked up. Fraser and Ray start a hidden relationship that revolves around a particular room at a hotel. As they get more and more desperate, everything starts to fall apart around them, leading them to try and patch up their relationship as best they can. I'm not sure I liked the epilogue as much as the fic in general, but it deals with the problems of coming out in Chicago, and the difference between Canada and the USA.
Kowalski is Bleeding
Vecchio's pulled out of his undercover role after Kowalski is murdered, but Fraser doesn't believe that Kowalski's dead. Includes RayV/Stella.
Eight Sessions
One of my favourite Due South fics, and I don't know why I haven't recced it before. It's got everything I love in a Due South story - Fraser and Kowalski realising they like each other, realising they love each other, and then acting upon it and coming to a satisfactory conclusion. It's also got a really great back story - sometimes an indepth crime storyline can detract from the characterisations, but this story is about dealing with the aftermath of the fallout from a bust, and the psychiatrist sessions make for excellent reading. Long and really rather excellent.
Chicago's Most Wanted
Possibly the strangest Due South fic I've ever read. Fraser's undercover in prison when he ends up suffering from amnesia as a result of an overenthusiastic ballgame. Cue Fraser escaping from prison in the company of one of Chicago's most wanted criminals, upon which he becomes Chicago's very own Robin Hood. Quite possibly the most fun you can have in front of a computer.
Some Strange Prophecy
Not my favourite Speranza fic, but containing some rather marvellous conversation between Vecchio and Kowalski, and between Kowalski and Fraser himself. Vecchio gets in contact after Victoria Metcalf turns up having shot a cop, and someone needs to stop Fraser going off the walls.
Juggling Act
So this whole mess begins with Frannie and her goddamned masturbating parrot. The one where Ray and Fraser go undercover at the circus. That should be enough to sell any fic, and to be fair it's what does sell this fic. It's thoroughly entertaining mostly because of the setting, so it hardly matters that the crime storyline isn't very developed. It's hardly necessary in fact.
A Dare's a Dare
Ray finds a dress in Fraser's closet and dares him to wear it. Fraser counters by daring Ray to take him out for dinner in it. Enjoyable fun.

Wax Jism:
When She Walks Into The Room
Ouch. Angst; deep, dark angst. Victoria is back in Fraser's life, and Ray's not above begging Fraser to stay.

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